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Banjul, 13th March 2018    

  1. The Heads of State of The Republic of The Gambia and the Republic of Senegal, H.E President Adama Barrow and H.E President MackySall, co-chaired the first Presidential Council meeting between the Gambia and Senegal held in Banjul, The Gambia from the 11th -13th March, 2018. This meeting was preceded by the Ministerial Meeting held onMarch 12, 2018 and the Meeting of Experts held on March 11,2018.


  1. The establishment of the Senegalo-Gambian Presidential Council was decided during the visit of H.E President Adama Barrow to Senegal on 2,3,4, March 2017.This demonstrates the new dynamismthat two Heads of state intend to give to the relations between the Gambia and Senegal.


  1. The two Heads of States acknowledge the good work and conclusions of the preparatory meetings. These preparatory sessions examined  the level of implementation of the Agreements signed in 2017, reviewed the bilateral cooperation and provided concrete actions to consolidate gains.


  1. To this end, the two Heads of State called upon their respective  Ministers to pursue the implementation of the activities identified in the following areas:


  • Defense and Security

To intensify joint patrols along the borders to fight against wood trafficking and to convene the first meeting of the Joint Committee scheduled for the end of July 2018and also define the operational modalities of these patrols

  • Justice

To hold a meeting in Dakar before the end of April 2018 to finalize and sign the Draft Agreements relating to Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance in the area of judicial cooperation on civil and commercial issues.

  • Consular matters

To hold a meeting in Dakar by end of May 2018 to define the modalities of the implementation of the Agreement on Consular Matters signed in March 2017.

  • Free movement of People and Goods
    1. To establish in due course an Independent Observatory on abnormal practices
    2. To take necessary measures for the exchange of information to address challenges faced by the two countries in the areas of Import, Export, Re-export, and Transit trade
    3. To institutionalise the day for the celebration of Free Movement of goods and peoples of Senegambia annually and alternatively.


  • Tourism

Todevelop a Joint Action Plan for the implementation of Agreement on Tourism signed in March 2017.

  • Energy

To provide the additional 1 MW fromKarang power Station to supply Amdalai-Barra area by  April 2018.

  • Environment
  1. To implement the actions contained in the Agreement signed in 2017 before the end of April 2018 by identifying the national focal points of the joint commission and to hold bilateral meeting to discuss a joint action plan before end of April 2018.

In addition, the Presidential Council Meeting was offered the opportunity to finalise and sign the following six Agreements:

  1. Agreement on the Assistance to detained persons and transfer of sentenced persons
  2. Agreement on Road Transport
  3. Agreement in the area of Health and Animal Production
  4. Agreement on Cultural Cooperation
  5.  Agreement in the area of Sport
  6. Memorandum of Understanding in the area of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology
  1. The two Heads of State urgedtheir respective governments to ensure rigorousand effective implementation of recommendations that arose from this Presidential Council.
  2. At the end of the Presidential CouncilMeeting , President MackySall expressed  heartfelt gratitude to President Adama Barrow, the Government and People of The Gambia for the warm and friendly welcome, and the generous hospitality accorded to him and his delegation.

8. The two Heads of State proposed to hold in Senegal, the second Presidential Council Meeting, the exact dates will be fixed mutually through diplomatic channel.


Done in Banjul, on March 13 2018

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