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European Union Celebrates Europe Day

The European Union on May 9, 2015 celebrated Europe Day in the presence of the Honourable Neneh Macdouall-Gaye, Minister of Foreign Affairs at the EU residence.

In her remarks on the occasion Minister Macdouall-Gaye observed that the EU has succeeded in providing its 29 member states with the right platform to collectively work together in marshalling resources and political will to resolve their common problems and contribute to the search for sustainable peace and development.

Looking back at 2014, Minisster Macdouall-Gaye highlighted the Global Climate Change Alliance Support Project and the Drainage, Sanitation and Waste Management for Flood Prevention Project as tangible and concrete results of The Gambia’s partnership with the EU.

The Minister also stated that as development partners we may at times differ in opinion, belief or approach to certain issues but called for dialogue and understanding. The Minister urged the EU and The Gambia to draw aspiration from the celebrations of Europe Day and combine it with the vision and mission of The Gambian leadership to build a viable nation capable of managing its own affairs while forging and fostering international partnerships based on mutual respect, recognition and cooperation.

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